Fairs & exhibitions
  • Domestic - Fairs and Exhibitions in Jordan.
  • International - Participation of Jordanian companies abroad (namely " the Jordanian committee for the World exposition").

Within Jordan and worldwide Eagle Transport offers a door-fair ground-door service with the assistance of our strategic alliance partners which includes all requirements of fairs & Exhibition business from advice to final execution.

  • Organization and transport of exhibition goods from collection point to fairground -national as well as international- and back.
  • Handling and supervision at fair grounds.
  • Help and assistance directly at the fair through our own specialized staff .

In addition to transport concepts to/ from the fairground Eagle offers various other specialized services:

  • Obtaining all sorts of permissions/permits /licenses ... etc.
  • Covering necessary insurance.
  • Providing Bank guarantees.
  • Customs clearance at all entry terminals.
  • Loading, unloading, and sorting at fair ground.
  • Providing all necessary handling equipment - forklift, hydraulic cranes trolleys ...etc.
  • Storing of empty packing materials.
  • Packing & Installation of Exhibition materials.
  • Communication with Authorities.
  • Exhibition delegates meet and Assist.

Eagle was the official appointed agent for the Jordanian national committee for the Hanover Expo 2000 Eagle is also appointed for the AICHI Expo 2005 in Japan.

In addition to several local exhibitions such as SOFEX- 2002, Egyptian Exhibition for 3 consecutive years, ... Others.